First ever battle metaverse

Experience fierce battles, weld amazing friendships and clan up for fame and crypto. Break free of confines from legacy gaming: own your player, your experience and your loot.

Play & Create & Earn

As gamers ourselves, we wanted to make sure our players time spent on our game would be valued. Our tokens will be earned ingame through a variety of avenues.

EXVERSE - new way to earn

Players will be able to earn our tokens & NFT's through a variety of game modes. Battle Royale, Deathmatch, TDM, PVE & much more.

Play & Earn, Trade & Earn

Our internal marketplace system offers a quick and seamless solution to our players wanting to exchange, trade, or sell their tokens or NFT's.


Our goal is to become the main metaverse of the web3 space where players from all walks of life can let their imagination run free. Player created worlds and spaces will be our end goal.

Dive into worlds created by our community & yourself, or become a land trader!

Community driven

EXVERSE is built by the people for the people. We strive to build long-lasting relationships with our members and encourage our players to interact with others to feel a sense of belonging within our community.

Members will get a seat at the table, partaking in decision-making and development.


The marketplace is where the majority of our players will spend their currency on. Skins, boxes & more will be available here.


Our "Hero" skins take inspiration from popular trends, shows & universes. There will be different rarities ranging from common to legendaries to collect on your ExVerse journey!





Daft Phunk


















Roaring Launcher



Reforged Rifle



Bloodfury Rifle



Pistol of Pride



Void Ray Rifle



Alpha Meson Sniper



Soultaker Rifle



Disabler Grenade



Having a diverse, fun to use & aesthetically pleasing weapon system is one of our goals. Our weapons will cater to all types of playstyles, whether your preference is to get up close, or make critical shots from a distance, we have it covered.

Treasure Chests

Ingame treasure chests are dropped as rewards for players during the game. Depending on its rarity, certain treasure chests will require special keys to unlock that can be purchased in the marketplace.










Exverse pass presale

The Exverse pass, the very first 3000 supply NFT launch from the team at Exverse. Minting a pass will provide the benefits outlined below.

Exverse Pass Benefits
  • Lifetime season pass. All passes will grant its holder a lifetime season pass to our game. This means an all access pass to in-game events, skins & more.
  • Early playtesting. All holders will be able to partake in the early testing phases of our development, provide feedback and get inside access to our game.
  • Claim legendary NFT skins, only for Exverse pass holders.
  • Earn a higher percentage of tokens while holding our pass.

*Not applicable to special events, tournaments prizes & marketplace trading.

*Having more than one Exverse pass does not allow you to earn more tokens.

Tokens EXVS & EXVG

Exverse will be powered by two tokens: EXVS and EXVG. Together they shape the foundation of the dual token economy. The EXVS token is the in-game currency, which can be used by players to acquire NFTs of digital assets. The EXVG token is the governance token where holders can impact the decision-making related to the Exverse policies and development.


Join us on our journey to reaching our milestones! From our beginnings to launching Zero City.


Stage 1 Q3-Q4 2021

  • Stealth mode
  • Game concept creation
  • Website launch
  • Social media launch


Stage 2 Q1 2022

  • Collaboration with Human Guild
  • Investor relationship
  • Starting social media activity
  • Working on white-paper


Stage 3 Q2 2022

  • Launch of pass distribution phase
  • Starting marketing campaign (working with influencers + advisories)
  • Seed Funding
  • Claimable legendary skins for EXVERSE pass holders


Stage 4 Q4 2022

  • Alpha Version
  • Infosec audit
  • Bug Bounty program
  • Play & earn system testing
  • TGE
  • Characters NFT Sale
  • Testnet launch


Stage 5 Q4 2022 - Q1 2023

  • Beta Release
  • Token staking launch
  • Mainnet launch


Stage 6 Q2 2023

  • Zero City


exverse tokenomics
  • Private round A (Seed) Private sale to seed investors
  • Private round B (Strategic) Private sale to strategic investors and partners
  • Private round C (Community) Private sale to community supporters
  • Public round Public sale via partnership with launchpads
  • Liquidity Provision Liquidity pool on exchanges and market making
  • User Incentives Incentives for playing the game and staking
  • Creators Grants to creators who enrich Exverse experience
  • Marketing Allotment to support marketing activities
  • Development Ecosystem development
  • Team Compensation to the core team of the project
  • Advisors Compensation to advisors who finetune the team's vision
  • Growth fund Strategic reserve for future development opportunity

Frequently Asked

EXVERSE is a multi-faceted ecosystem that brings together players, investors, clans, leagues, developers and traders. Browse FAQ below or read through our Whitepaper. Still have questions? Don't be shy and talk to us in Discord

What is a play to earn game?

A play-to-earn game is any video game that harnesses cryptocurrency to reward players with something that has real-world – as well as virtual-world – value.

Rewards given as part of these games tend to be NFTs, cryptographically unique tokens that can be used to prove ownership of content such as images or music.

The NFT will represent an in-game asset, such as a virtual tool or weapon to be used as part of the game. Once players have won them, these NFTs can be traded for other assets within the game or sold for money on an NFT marketplace.

How is EXVERSE different from other play-to-earn games?

EXVERSE if different from our competitors in such that we prioritize gameplay first. As gamers ourselves, our team of 20+ developers will make sure what we develop is not only fun, but rewarding.

Our gameplay mechanics is the defining factor as we will require real time inputs from our players, skill, and strategy to maximize your performance & earnings.

Are you a decentralized game universe?

Upon the launch, the transactions will run on the blockchain and not locally, which ensures that you are the sole owner of your in-game progress and earned NFTs.

However, the devs will hold the keys to making high-level decisions regarding the long-term development vectors. With time, the clans will rise up, and the devs will share the keys to governance with them. In this way, the governance will get decentralized, and all decisions will be made in alignment with major stakeholders.

How can I earn in EXVERSE?

Players will be able to earn our internal utility token by participating in any game mode that we offer. These range from Battle Royales, PVE & tournanents.

In addition, our players can stake their earned utility token to receive our governance token!

Can I mint my own NFTs on EXVERSE?

Yes! We'll let our followers design skins, weapons and other virtual items during the contests that would let the best ones to have their own characters and earn royalties.

Our community will pick the best creations and award the creators with bonuses. NFTs are a great way for up-and-coming artists to open up their potential while also monetizing their skills.

Will your game wrap up its seasons at some point?

No, EXVERSE is a persistent and ever-ongoing game universe. More and more users will flock to the battlefields of EXVERSE, fighting for their chance to snatch the riches.

New generations of players will continually push up the value of EXVS and EXVG, further driving adoption and awareness. We are extremely early into the crypto p2e movement, and you shouldn't miss the chance to take what's yours!


Exverse enjoys backing by funds and advisors. Guilds and clans will rise, empowering adoption and awareness. Our team works hard to involve our backers into major decision-making proceses.


Exverse is a company in the web3 space with a focus on growth, collaboration and diversity which is strongly portrayed by our teams line-up. From highly experienced developers to people leaders, Exverse has its covered.

  • user photo Nikita Uriupin Co-Founder, CEO social
  • user photo Alexander Chernow Co-Founder, CPO social
  • user photo Ooi Fei Hoong COO social
  • user photo Benjemen Wong Head of DeFi social
  • user photo Prem Sagar Head of BD and Marketing social
  • user photo Pavel Fedorov Investment Advisor social
  • user photo Adam Bouhouhou Community advisor social
  • user photo Iman Wheeler Marketing Lead Asia social
  • user photo Evgeniy Popov Head of game dev social
  • user photo Aoife McCoy Community lead social
  • user photo Ethan Thielman Community lead social
  • user photo Ricky Wagner Head moderator social
  • user photo Nikita Kuznetsov Technology Specialist social
  • user photo Dmitriy Bychkov Lead server developer social
  • user photo Svetlana Labonovskaia Character artist social
  • user photo Mixail Dolgov Lead environment artist social
  • user photo Michael Erockhin Lighting artist social
  • user photo Viktor Belokhvostikov Unreal engine developer
  • user photo Margarita Trushkova Character artist social
  • user photo Konstantin Sazanov Concept artist social
  • user photo Alexander Movchan Character artist

and more than 20+ specialists are involved in the next-gen gaming Exverse project

Our advisors

The amazing group of dedicated and active-on-the-ground Exverse advisors is unprecedented.

  • user photo Eric S. Yoon Founder & CEO @ ESTV & TVK24 social
  • user photo Julien Gratz Head of Publishing @ Sandbox social
  • user photo Maria Lobanova CEO and founder @ Interstellar Digital PR agency social